Popular Online Degrees

Check out the most popular online degrees these days such as online degree programs in business, healthcare, education and engineering.

The exponential increases in the demand for online distance learning has opened doors for online universities to offer various online degrees. These degrees have been perfectly created for working professionals and other non-traditional learners. Employers that value growth among their employees have tapped the online learning market to provide continuous training as well.

Someone interested in pursuing online education would then want to know about the most popular online degrees out there. But do these popular online degrees guarantee a lucrative future? More so, would there be a hefty paycheck involved?

Various online research surveys regarding online programs were conducted to find out the most popular online degrees. Here, they monitor what online students are choosing to study. The four main fields of interests at the top of the trend are: Business, Healthcare, Education and Engineering.

The competitive world of business has always been one of the most versatile fields of study. Touching on all the aspects of business and administration, bachelor and masters degrees are the most popular in this field. Having an MBA is the industry’s requirement among mid-level managers today, especially with many various concentrations and specializations being offered in online university programs.

The business world is more globalized and competitive now. Many business professionals are trying to get ahead in the game by enrolling in a specialization that will enhance their careers and put them on the top of the career ladder. The newest trends, business leadership degrees and technology management degrees, are fast becoming favorite specializations today.

Healthcare online degrees became the answer to the fast-growing demand for healthcare professionals all over the world. There’s a great shortage of nurses and other healthcare workers that has opened an abundance of job opportunities and career benefits. Many online university programs focusing on healthcare have multiplied as well.

Online educators have responded to the promise of a better future in the healthcare industry by providing online nursing degrees from associate to doctorate. The RN-BSN online degree is a staple among online university programs.
The Master of Science in nursing online program has increasingly become popular.

In the field of education, many students are choosing graduate or post-graduate online degrees. Many are driven to earn an online degree in this field for administration jobs and other jobs that require critical thinking and complex decision-making skills. The trend is due to the state of education nowadays, urging people to gain more knowledge they won’t get in a bachelor’s degree.

Engineering has always been a favorite degree among students. Because it offers a promising career, many online degrees are offered by reputable schools and institutions. However, undergraduate engineering programs are not offered as online degree programs.

This is due to the amount of hands-on coursework as traditional programs require students to undergo internships wherein trainings are mostly engaged inside the campus. Only theoretical engineering programs from graduate and post-graduate degrees are offered. Certificate courses focusing on a certain aspect of a chosen engineering specialization is a popular choice as well as online degrees specializing in mechanical and electrical engineering that are being offered by online universities.