The Urbanism Lifestlye

The meaning of urbanism


What do you think urbanism means? Well, Google can tell you that pretty easily.

I’ve been a city girl my whole LIFE and I love it. I’ve tried a vacation in a quiet province and it’s certainly cool and calm but it’s not for me. It just isn’t.

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Taking a Break from Blogging Was the Best Thing I’ve Done

I’ve done a lot of writing the past years.

It’s my full time job after all! I write, write, write and write some more!

But at the end of the day, most of those aren’t even for me! I’ve even neglected this blog for a long time.

So I took a break and it feels like the BEST THING EVER.

I’m sort of back now from my hiatus, the income certainly took a hit so I am looking forward to getting it back and make it three times more because I’ll be charging even more. I know the quality of my work and I believe it will pay off.

I’ll be taking this blog back to it’s roots and show the world what urbanism is really about

Goodbye for now! I’ll see you on the flipside.

The Astounding Existence At Davao City

Davao Metropolis is the hub of commerce and marketplace in the Southern Mindanao location. But, to this day, Davao Metropolis continues to straddle two worlds – the new and the old. But what can make Davao Area different from other metropolitan areas in the Philippines and in the Asia-Pacific Region that would make it best for tourism and investment?

  • We are Hurricane Free -Get pleasure from a storm-no cost trip destination with very good weather conditions all year spherical plus an abundance of flora and fauna, producing it great for out of doors pursuits. Davao City is absolutely the very best place for adventure and passe-temps at any time of the year!
  • We have one of the Finest POTABLE water IN THE Entire world – Davao City’s faucet h2o has been tested for good quality and was adjudged as one particular of the best in the planet in conditions of cleanliness, protection, mineral articles, and flavor. No want for boiling, distilling, purifying, adding of minerals. No considerably less than the Globe Health Firm explained so!
  • We are a MULTI- CULTURAL AND COSMOPOLITAN People today -Knowledge harmony in range as Davao City is property to at the very least eleven main indigenous tribes – Christian, Islam, Lumad- as well as migrant settlers from all more than the Philippines and a developing world neighborhood of expatriates of several cultures and religions, speaking diverse languages who consider the area their property absent from household.
  • We have a Powerful, DYNAMIC Local Authorities – A preferred location for examine excursions, Davao Area is regarded as a design for other cities in the nation. The community federal government is much admired not just nationally but also internationally. It has led in crafting landmark items of legislation, pioneering improvements in regional governance, robust political will in the implementing policies and programs, a superior level of self-sufficiency and its pluralist and liberal political environment consequence in major grassroots and civil culture participation.
  • We are a Risk-free Place -Have a holiday in the city that offers of getting just one of the lowest crime charges (averaging .8 per ten,000 population per thirty day period). The Davao City Police Place of work has consistently been chosen as the Ideal Police Place of work in the entire region. The Davao Area Peace and Order Council has been elevated to the Philippine Corridor of Fame for consistently currently being the ideal carrying out in the country.
  • We are MOST Organized TO React TO EMERGENCIES -Davao City is the only Asian metropolis that has an integrated crisis reaction technique very similar to that of the United States and Canada, the variance being that in Davao Metropolis , the provider is definitely for no cost and otally sponsored by the neighborhood governing administration. Central 911 responds to all kinds of emergencies, health-related, fireplace, police aid, organic or man-produced disaster. The Davao Town Disaster Coordinating Council has been cited as the best organized disaster coordinating council in the region.
  • We have Great General public UTILITIES AND INFRASTRUCTURE -Dabawenyos appreciate an plentiful and stable offer of h2o and electric power 24 hrs a day all year round. The Davao Metropolis Water District (DCWD) is the quantity a single h2o utility company amid the 50 h2o utilities in the Asia- Pacific area. Staying the 3rd biggest privately-owned electric utility in the Philippines, Davao Mild & Power Co. is the country’s most efficiently operate power utility. The town is also the initial in the region to have an adaptive site visitors signalization process and has a state-of-the-art website traffic technique equivalent to the process in Los Angeles, California, Usa.
  • Just one can have a Nutritious Way of living – Reside a wholesome and nutritious way of living in Davao Town! The area pioneered the regulation of using tobacco in public destinations in the Philippines that gave beginning to the Nationwide Anti-Smoking cigarettes Legislation. Davao Metropolis has been a recipient of the prestigious Crimson Orchid Award of the Division of Health in 2010 and 2011 throughout the Globe No Tobacco Day. It has hard procedures from hazardous drugs, violence towards women and little ones (which includes prostitution and human trafficking), and environmental air pollution. It has dealt with the worry above aerial spraying in massive plantations and banned the use of firecrackers and equivalent pyrotechnics. It prospects in the conservation of endangered species these kinds of as the country’s national chicken, the Philippine Eagle, as properly as the security of the city’s watershed, coastal areas, rivers and gulf. Davao Metropolis boasts of obtaining one of the most progressive and extensive reproductive well being system in the entire world.
  • You get Additional Price FOR Money – In Davao Metropolis, the great quality of everyday living does not come at a substantial charge! When in Davao Area, you delight in the freshest and highest good quality agricultural generate. It exports large volumes of banana, pineapple, orchids, and tuna. Its pomelo, durian, and mangosteen are sought-after by a lot of, still these stay inexpensive and accessible to the lieu on a day-to-day foundation.
  • Our Setting IS OUR Existence -Davao Metropolis normally takes advantage of environmental regulations which guarantee right selection and disposal of rubbish. The metropolis is known for its properly- disciplined residents plus a localized edition of Ecological Reliable Waste Conduite Act which is now currently being executed. A huge sanitary landfill in area, standard and systematic assortment of rubbish from fixed points, and appropriate segregation have managed cleanliness in the surroundings.
  • We are Enterprise – Welcoming -Surveys and evaluations on the best spots for organization have constantly cited Davao as among the the ideal performers. These consist of distinctions as being the Leading 10 Asian Cities of the Potential by the FDI publication of The Money Occasions, the Most Competitive Metro Town in the Philippines with the Ideal Top quality of Life by the Asian Institute of Administration and a long list of several recognitions and distinctions as the metropolis has acquired in the recent years. All these are proof of the continual and decisive strides in making Davao Area a property for quite a few effective ventures and endeavors.

Tips For Effective Communication In Online Master Degree Programs

Find out how online master degree students can communicate effectively with their peers and superiors in virtual learning environments.

Online master degree programs are unique because of the type of interaction that occurs among students and instructors alike. Online learning environments are excellent platforms of instruction for all types of learners, with minimal biases related to gender, profession, appearance or physique.  Collaboration in a virtual learning environment is carried out very differently from the kind of interaction that transpires inside a regular classroom.

Online institutions place emphasis on adapting higher education courses and activities for online classrooms, by using various media to convey knowledge and information to students.  Instructors are innovating ways to engage students in online discussions and make such interactions constructive and educational for them.  Instructors are also experimenting by trying to integrate diverse instructional strategies to cater to all types of learners enrolled in master degree online.

Online degree programs gave rise to evolving methods of instruction that combine independent study and collaborative learning.  Independent study assigns greater value on self-motivation and learning at one’s own pace.  On the other hand, collaborative learning gives importance to peer interaction and communication as tools for learning in a virtual setting, which is characteristically lacking of face-to-face interaction.

In the process of adapting instructional models to virtual learning environments, greater emphasis is placed on enhancing communication processes online.  The success of online education programs rely on the effective exchange of information among different players in an online classroom.  In order to achieve this, a secure and safe online environment must be created and maintained so that all participants will feel comfortable communicating online.

Professors of online courses will normally put in place very clear communications policies.  These policies shall cover the submission of assignments and giving feedback, schedules for online discussions, and timetable for email responses.  Aside from complying with these policies, students of online master degree programs will find these tips helpful for effectively communicating online.

Make sure you understand the way your online learning system works so that you can participate in all online interaction activities.  Online institutions will have tutorials and technical support systems in place to assist students with the technology platforms being used in the program.  Make the most of these technology support and maximize your online learning environment to the fullest.

In an online classroom, learning takes place as students exchange insights on certain topics of discussion.  In a higher education program such as a master degree online, the sharing of experiences of class members contribute significantly to the acquisition of practical skills and know-how.  Online students must see to it that they participate actively in online discourses, or post responses to offline discussion threads.

Communicating through chat, posting responses or sending email messages are the ways by which students interact in an online classroom.  It is thus important to give careful thought about messages and insights that you post online.  It would not hurt to take your time in composing messages and use words with caution so your messages are conveyed accurately without any cause for misinterpretation.

Even when communicating online is less personal than speaking face-to-face, make sure to treat your peers and your instructors with utmost respect.  As professionals, courtesy and deference are important to your success, which includes succeeding in your academic undertakings.  How students treat one another online is key to a productive learning environment.

Effective communication, interaction and collaboration are elements of a thriving online education program.  An online master degree is a unique opportunity to maintain equality and remove all forms of biases among students.  As online education programs evolve, better and higher quality instruction is made available to all types of learners anywhere in the world.